About Us

We are a band of Metalcore / Deathcore & Post-Hardcore for lovers of bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I, Attila, I See Stars, Motionless In White, We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Avenged Sevenfold...

The band confirms: ''Despite all the problems with some old members, this time we are living a new fresh start after five years, ''New Life'' will have for now thirteen songs that are already in process of recording, we will uploading some songs soon, so tell us what you think about... this album will leave you with your mouth open, we are sure, just wait...''

The new album called ''New Life'' will be available in this summer!

Burning Paradise born in 2010 with Andres Diaz (696), then Luciano Garcia (ex-drummer) joined to the band with Manuel Hernandez, the original name was ''Blind'', weeks later changed to ''Heaven & Hell'', and months later the name was changed for ''Burning Paradise'' for some problems with the name... Months later Carlos Leon joined in the band and the band started to record some demos... In the same year the band put out a demo album called ''Waking The Past''.
In 2011 the band continues with some trials and departures but the band had some problems with the time, the school, and things like that...
2012 & 2013 was hard times for the band, because no one had time for the band & the music for problems, school, and familiar things...
In finals of 2013 & 2014 Miguel Martinez (ex-member) & Jorge Orozco (ex-worst guitarrist) joined in the band, then weeks later Fernando Cordova (ex-drummer) joined too, the band made some trials and covers of songs... some covers was ''Pray for Plagues'' of Bring Me The Horizon, ''You Only Live Once'' of Suicide Silence & ''Black Rose Dying'' of Blessthefall but in finals of 2014 the band had some problems with some members and take a rest again...
In 2015 (present day) the band revived like never, now the band is recording the first studio album called ''New Life'' with 13 songs until now, the album will be available in this summer in Itunes, Amazon, Baby CD, Soundcloud and more... but in few days the band will upload previews of the new songs...
This 28 of march the band was confirmed for the New Big Festival S-C & other things that the band will post soon in the social networks...
Actual members:
Andres Diaz (696) - Vocals
Carlos Leon - Guitar
Manuel Hernandez - Guitar
Edwin Cegarra - Bass
Silva Melvin - Drummer


Jose Julian Gandica (Manager)

Yilber (Live Backing Vocalist)

Nelson Urdaneta (Replacement Live Drummer)

Gerson Alberto (Replacements Live Guitarrist)


Luciano Garcia (Ex-Drummer)

Fernando Cordova (Ex-Drummer)

Miguel Martinez (Ex-Member)

Jorgue Orozco (Ex-Guitarrist)